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What's more Australian than being flat out like a lizard drinking, ear-bashing your neighbour and going outside to use the dunny.

A book produced by a local artist captures all that and more and it's exactly what the doctor ordered.

Howard Steer and Peter Nicholson have produced a book using paintings of Howard's.

There are 194 colour paintings of mine in there, he said.

It is titled "Just what the Doctor ordered"

It took over a decade of paintings to pull it together.

We've been working on it for four years and includes 10 years worth of paintings, he said.

Howard has had prints of his paintings done for 25 years.

It all started over 25 years ago, when I met a bloke in Adelaide, he said.

I asked if he might want to print my paintings, that went ahead and we've done prints, magnets.

Then we thought, we've got enough to do a really good book.

So they are a lot of Australian idioms with my paintings.

They are just funny sayings like: "Were you born into a tent?"

It's not just a Broken Hill book, but a book for Australia.

Howard said there are over 1,000 sayings and some other artists have contributed paintings as well.

There is also a "Put me in the picture" section where you can put in your own photo and give it as a gift.