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Immerse yourself in these armchair travels and heart-warming life stories as Evan McHugh, bestselling author of Outback Heroes and Outback Pioneers, catches up with some of the most remarkable and inspiring characters our country has to offer.

Meet icons such as boxing impresario Fred Brophy, who turned ÔÇÿYou canÔÇÖtÔÇÖ into ÔÇÿI willÔÇÖ, to Shannon Warnest, world champion shearer. Discover unsung heroes such as ÔÇÿmother of the BarklyÔÇÖ Bernadette Burke, convenor of one of the worldÔÇÖs biggest womenÔÇÖs networks, and nurse June Andrew, who has dedicated a lifetime to running a remote health service, often single-handedly. You may not have heard of some of these people but youÔÇÖll be enriched by meeting them now.

Outback Legends┬áis a unique and colourful celebration of Aussie characters whoÔÇÖve earned themselves a reputation for their achievements and contributions in the most far-flung and challenging corners of our country. None of the people in this book has sought fame but every one of them deserves it.