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Age range 4+

The Flying Optometrist travels in his little red aeroplane from his practice in the city to a remote outback town. Lots of people are waiting for him! Aunty canÔÇÖt see well enough to carve her emu eggs and Bill the plumber has a splinter in his eye. Young Stephanie can't wait for him to arrive as she has broken her glasses and canÔÇÖt join in games of cricket and have fun with her friends ÔÇö she canÔÇÖt see the ball! Hurry up Flying Optometrist! Where is he? Is he lost?

The townsfolk wait with bated breath until finally the Flying OptometristÔÇÖs little red plane appears, having only just missed a bad storm. A big meal waits for him in the local hotel. Then he gets to work checking eyesight. The Flying Optometrist doesnÔÇÖt have long, but he helps as many people as he can. He returns to the city, but Stephanie has to wait a little longer for an exciting package to come ÔÇö her own new glasses!

This whimsically fun picture book features lively non-fiction sections about the ÔÇÿrealÔÇÖ flying optometrist and the history of aerial rural services in Australia, including the Royal Flying Doctor Service.